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VELFAC 200 ENERGY - Tophung reversible window with no oversail


The sash can be rotated by up to 170° to allow cleaning from the inside, without oversail.
The window can be reversed to the cleaning position where an automatic catch keeps the window in place.
Available as 48mm triple glazing.


The espagnolette has a built-in ventilation position (5mm).
A safety restrictor is triggered when the window is opened approx. 50mm. The restrictor can be locked in the ventilation postion.
The cleaning catch is activated automatically when the frame is turned to the cleaning position.
The reversible hinge has a white corrotion-proof surface treatment.
From close distance the reversible hinge will be visible, as the sash is 6mm slimmer on both sides than the standard sash.
Windows >1400mm are fitted with circular catch handles on both sides to ensure wind and water tightness.


The reversible arms are white, and they are therefore more visible on dark frames as well as behind dark sashes.

The reversible arms are visible, as the jamb profiles are reduced to 48mm (standard = 54mm). Furthermore the reversible brackets ad 4mm to the width of the jamb, which therefore is 58mm including brackets (standard = 54mm).

When installing a reversible window next to the hinge side of a sidehung window or a casement door, a minimum of 10mm sealing is required.


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