Making windows part of the solution

As one of the European leading window manufacturers, we are aware of our responsibility toward people, the environment and society. Ever since our foundation in 1965, climate considerations and concerns for the environment have lead our way and shaped our products and our production processes.



At VELFAC, we act as a Model Company. This means that we want to be a company that other companies look up to or are inspired by.


Giving back to the society

At VELFAC every year part of the return on our investments is channelled back to society, along with the contributions from the VKR Group to the VILLUM FOUNDATION.


The VILLUM FOUNDATION it’s a non- profit organization that, together with the VELUX FOUNDATION, provides financial support for scientific researches and social, artistic and cultural projects. The newest foundation in the family is the KR Foundation created to support international climate projects.



Products built with sustainability in mind

Each VELFAC window and door is predominantly made of natural materials and is built to be easily separated and recycled at the end of their life cycle.


This means that our windows and doors are made by 93% recyclable components.



Tested to the extreme

Hundreds and thousands of customers test VELFAC windows every day. Throughout Europe, millions of windows have stood the test of time, but despite this track record, we still maintain a demanding testing programme to ensure our system continues to meet - and exceed - all necessary regulatory standards.



Our name is a combination of the words VEntilation, Light and FACade.


That’s why we are called VELFAC.

The history of VELFAC

VELFAC was founded by Danish civil engineer Villum Kann Rasmussen's (1909-1993), the same man who invented VELUX roof windows.

That's how we became daylight engineers

For more than 60 years VELFAC windows and doors have contributed to create better buildings filled with daylight, fresh air and the perfect indoor climate, but not many people know it all started with a great idea.



Career oppotunities at VELFAC

At VELFAC, we strive to be an attractive workplace that offers good employment terms, exciting tasks, and a motivating and engaging working day. And of course, it should be fun to work with us. We strive to create a workplace with social activities and a work environment that enable strong interrelations.


We encourage and appreciate initiative, team spirit, and the will to go the extra mile. And we want to be a workplace that succeeds in attracting the most qualified people, who want to be part of our community going forward.